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Neville and Karen (RAND Ales)

Neville and Karen (RAN Ales)

Neville Smith, Director of RAN Ales Ltd, started the Fenton based-micro brewery in July 2014 when he took a barrel of his first brew to his local pub for friends to try. It was his 53rd birthday party and regulars at ‘The Bench and Bar’ in Fenton lapped up his beer.

Nev took a course in brewing earlier in the year so he could have a go at home and it quite literally took off from there. The birthday bash led to others approaching Nev for his latest ales. RAN Ales beers have been featured at the Stoke Beer Festival which is run by CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ales).

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      Unit 8, Ormonde Street, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 3NP

      Tel: 07843 092620
      Email: sales@ranales.co.uk

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RAN Ales

Hand crafted real ales that are brewed by one and enjoyed by many.